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Corporal Nathan Emerson Ryder, Company A, was killed in action at the Battle of the Wilderness on May 5, 1864.

Private George H. Snay, Company A, was wounded at Lees Mills, Virginia in 1862.

Sergeant Ethan E. Burroughs, Company G, was mortally wounded on 1 June 1864 at the Battle of Cold Harbor in Virginia and died at a field hospital on 3 June 1864.

First Lieutenant George Neddo, Company A, enlisted as a private on October 2, 1861 and served honorably as a member of the regiment until October 28, 1864.

Thomas B. Kennedy served in the regiment from the day it was mustered into service, until the end of hostilities. He rose through the ranks, from a Private in Company K, attaining the rank of captain of Company K about three weeks before being wounded at the Battle of Cedar Creek on Oct 19, 1864. His wounds, from a minie ball in the left hip, ended his military service. The bullet was left in his hip, and no limb amputation was undertaken. In December 1864 he was returned to Vermont for recuperation. After the war, he married, raised seven children, served in the Vermont Legislature, and was twice elected Sheriff of Franklin County. He died of natural causes in 1906 in St. Albans and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery there. Captain Kennedy is pictured in the Creek Creek mural which hangs in the Vermont State House. He is the very center of the mural, with red beard and red hair, being carried off the field of battle.




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