47th Regiment

North Carolina Troops

Descendants Association

Hill's Third Corps, Heth's Division, MacRae's Brigade



By John H. Thorp, Captain, Company A



COMPANY A - Nash County

It was first commanded by Captain John W. Bryan, who died in June, l862, when Lieutenant John H. Thorp became Captain and commanded to the end of the war. The Lieutenants of Company A were: George W. Westray, who was killed at Cold Harbor; Wilson Baily, who died; Sidney H. Bridgers, killed at Bristoe Station; B. H. Bunn (since member of United States Congress) and Thomas Westray.

COMPANY B - Franklin County

After Crudup, its first Captain, was promoted, Joseph J. Harris was made Captain; was wounded, captured and remained a prisoner. Its Lieutenants were Harvey D. Griffin, who died; Sherrod J. Evans, Hugh H. Perry and William B. Chamblee.

COMPANY C - Wake County

The first Captain of Company C was Edward Hall, who died 1 September, 1862, when Cameron T. Iredell became Captain, was killed 3 July, 1863, and George M. Whiting became Captain; taken prisoner at Gettysburg and died after the war of disease contracted in prison. The Lieutenants of this company were Nathaniel L. Brown, David M. Whitaker, Marmaduke W. Norileet and A. H. Harris.

COMPANY D - Nash County

John A. Harrison was first Captain of Company D, resigned in November, 1862, and Lieutenant Geo. N. Lewis became Captain, was elected to the State Legislature in August, 1864, when Richard F. Drake became Captain. Its Lieutenants were Benjamin F. Drake, resigned; William H. Blount and John Q. Winborne.

COMPANY F  - Wake County

John H. Norwood was the first and only Captain of Company F. Its Lieutenants were Frastus H. Ray, Benj. W. Justice, promoted A. C. S. of the regiment; Leonidas W. Robertson and William A. Dunn.

COMPANY G - Franklin and Granville Counties

Joseph J. Davis was the first Captain of Company G, and was wounded, captured and a prisoner 3 July 1863, and remaining a prisoner, no other could succeed to the Captaincy. Its Lieutenants were P. P. Peace, Richard F. Yarborough, promoted to Colonelcy of another regiment; W. H. Pleasants, George D. Tunstall and George Williamson. Captain Davis was afterwards member of United States Congress and Justice of our Supreme Court.

COMPANY H - Wake County

Charles T. Haughton, first Captain of Company H, died in June, 1863, when Lieutenant Sydney W. Mitchell became Captain and was, to the close of the war. Its Lieutenants were T. L. Lassiter, Sydney A. Hinton, J. J. Newsom and John T. Womble

COMPANY I - Wake County

I. W. Brown was the first Captain of Company I, and killed at Reams Station. Its Lieutenants were Charles C. Lovejoy, transferred to another regiment; William Henry Harrison, J. Wiley Jones and J. Rowan Rogers, a brother of the first Colonel of the regiment.

COMPANY K - Alamance County

Robert H. Faucette was the first and only Captain of Company K, and as Senior Captain commanding the regiment, signed the paroles of the commanders of companies on 9 April, 1865. Its Lieutenants were James H. Watson, Thomas Taylor, Jacob Boon and Felix L. Poteat.



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