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Private Green Moore enlisted December 30, 1861 in Nashville, TN with the 44th (Consolidated) TN Infantry, Co. I. He was wounded at Murfreesboro on December 21, 1862, continued in the service; was captured April 2, 1865 at Hatcher's Run; Prisoner of War at Point Lookout, MD. He took the Oath of Allegiance June 29, 1865 and released. He was born in 1837 to George W. and Sally Moore; lived most of his life in Russell Co. Kentucky. He went on to become a medical doctor. His practice was located in the McKinney, KY area until his death in 1904.

John Andrew Ratley was awarded the Southern Cross of Honor in January 1904 at Camp #621, Marshall, Texas.


Fellow Company C member, Sergeant Dawson Gwaltney, married the sister of Captain William N. James after the war.

Private Rufus J. Norton of Company D is buried in the Beechgrove Cemetery in Coffee County, Tennessee. A tintype of him in Confederate uniform is shown below with with his wife Julia after the war.


America Arnold was born in 1821 in middle Tennessee and lived in Beech Grove, Coffee county, TN when the war broke out. He was elected as the original Captain of Company F of the 44th Tennessee Infantry. He resigned his Confederate Commision at Camp Hardee, Kentucky in 1862 due to rheumatisms. He said his health would not allow him to continue on a campaign. He is buried in Coffee County, Manchester, Tennessee at the Asbury United Methodist Church.


1st Lieutenant William Franklin Terry, Company C, was wounded on 19 September 1863 during the Battle of Chickamauga and died of his wounds on 26 September 1863 at Chickamauga.

Sergeant William W. Thompson of the 55th Tennessee (McKoin’s) and later of Company E, 44th Tennessee (after Shiloh) moved from Tennessee to Paris, Texas around 1886, and died in Wagoner, Oklahoma at age 88 on 31 March 1930. A stone was placed at his grave in Elmwood Cemetery by his great grandson, who also extracted the names of the 55th Tennessee (McKoin’s) regiment members from Tennesseeans in the Civil War in 1997. Sergeant Thompson’s brother, Private John W. Thompson, was also a member of the 44th Tennessee.

Corporal Joseph McGuire, Company A, died at the Battle of Chickamauga, probably in the action around Horseshoe Ridge on September 20th, 1863. According to a 2009 interview with a great-grand daughter, she has in her possession Official Records which reveal that Corporal McGuire was in the thick of the fighting. A shot passed through the log behind which he and others of his regiment were taking cover, struck him in the head, and killed him. Joseph McGuire was born in 1832, according to census records. He married Nancy Orlenia Simpson on April 7th, 1856 in Coffee County, Tennessee. They had three children: John Savage McGuire, Mary Jane McGuire, and James H. McGuire, all of whom lived to adulthood. John Savage married and moved to Texas; descendants still live there and in Oklahoma. Mary Jane had six children, all of whom married; many descendants still live in southern middle Tennessee northern Alabama. James had one child who lived to adulthood and married; descendants currently live in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

Private Wesley C. Woodall served in Company A, 44th Regiment Tennessee Infantry from December 7, 1861 until wounded in action at Port Walthall Junction on May 7, 1864.

Private James Callis, Company H, was wounded at the Battle of Murfreesboro on December 31, 1862. He was transferred to Atlanta, Georgia where he died from his injuries on March 20, 1863.

Private James Thomas Lanford, Company D, is buried in Rice cemetery located on Road 56 in Franklin County, Tennessee, fairly close to the Jackson County, Alabama line.

Captain Joel J. Jones, Company F, was killed in the Battle of Perryville on October 8, 1862.

Private Elisha J. Rhoton, Company A, was captured and sent to Rock Island prison camp.

Private Eli Riley Wade, Company C, was born in Smith County, Tennessee. He and his brothers David, Elisha, Josiah, and William C. all enlisted in the 55th (McKoin's) Regiment, which was consolidated with the 44th Tennessee Infantry Regiment after Shiloh. Only Riley, Elias, and William C. survived Shiloh, and Elias died in a hospital at Petersburg. The Muster Roll for C Company of the 44th for Jul/Aug 1863 indicates that Riley deserted July 1, 1863, and was dropped from the rolls on July 28, 1863 by order of General Bragg. Prisoner of War records also indicate that a "citizen", Eli R. Wade, was taken prisoner at Tullahoma, TN on July 3, 1863, and released on July 9, 1863 after taking the oath of allegiance. A fifth brother, Hampton Wade, was a member of Company G, 28th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry. These six men were the sons of William and Rachel Wade of Smith County. Only Riley and William C. returned home, as the other four sons lost their lives for the cause.

Pvt. William Delzell, Company D, enlisted March 20th 1862 at Corinth, Mississippi. He was captured at Petersburg, Virginia on April 2, 1865 and was imprisioned at Fort Delaware.

Lieutenant Thomas Jefferson Goodloe(w), Company G, mustered in at Camp Trousdale. He was captured during the battle of Drury's Bluff, Virginia and initially imprisoned in Delaware. Later, he was sent to Fort Pulasky as one of the immortal 600. There, he and the other faithful soldiers were placed on a starvation diet and he eventually died there in February of 1865. His name came be found among the 13 that are buried there.


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