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Private Jesse W. Sullins enlisted at Tullahoma in Company K. He transferred to Company F and was a teamster of the supply train for General Hardee.

Captain James Richardson Copeland, Company H, served two terms prior to the Civil War as a State Representative from Overton County in the Tennessee General Assembly. He is buried with his wife in the Vaughn Cemetery in Overton County, Tennessee.

The four Davis brothers (William, John, Simon, and Lewis) served together as privates in Company C.

Private John W. Davis, Company C, was mortally wounded at the Battle of Murfreesboro and died of his wounds on January 19, 1863.

Private Simon B. Davis, Company C, died of disease on May 10 1863 at Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Private Lewis M. Davis, Company C, was discharged in December of 1864.

Private James A. Harley first served in Company C of the 13th Tennessee, Confederate Cavalry, and then transferred to Company F of the 25th Tennessee Infantry during the War for Southern Independence. He was captured at Petersburg, Virginia on 2 April 1865 and held as a prisoner of war at Point Lookout, Maryland.

Corporal Benjamin Lakin Ledbetter, Company H, was wounded December 31, 1862 at Murfreesboro, Tenessee. He died on January 10, 1863.

Henry Jasper Harley served in Company G during the War for Southern Independence. He held the ranks of Private, 1st Sergeant, 2nd Lieutenant, and 1st Lieutenant He enlisted July 30, 1861 at Livingston, Tennessee. He took his Oath of Allegiance on February 2, 1865 at Nashville, Tennessee. His description on his military records is as follows: Place of residence .. Jackson County, Tn.; Complexion .. Dark; Hair .. Dark; Eyes .. Black; Height .. 5 Ft. 10 In.; Remarks .. Has Family.

Hiram Encil Harley served in the War for Southern Independence. He enlisted in Company I on July 30, 1861 at Livingston, Tennessee. He was the regimental drummer.

Private William J. McWhirter, Company C, was born in 1844, the son of George Marlin McWhirter and Sarah Cunningham of Warren County, Tennessee. He was killed in the battle of Chickamauga in September of 1863.

Private Clinton Jones, Company G, enlisted in Livingston County, Tennessee on July 30th 1861. He was honorably discharged April 7, 1864 near Bristol, Tennessee. He had four brothers who were in the same unit. They were Thomas (who was eventually discharged for being too young), William (who became Second Lieutenant), Matthew, and John.

Corporal Derias B. Tomberlain, Company C, was captured on 16 May 1864 and eventually taken to Elmira, New York as a POW. His records indicate that he was exchanged in February, 1865 and paroled in May of 1865 in North Carolina.

Private Tillman Duncan, Company E, trained at Camp Zollicoffer and Camp Myers. When General Longstreet was sent to east Tennessee his regiment went with him and spent the bitter cold winter of 1863-64 in east Tennessee. In the spring he went to Richmond and fought at Drewry Bluff. In June 1864, he was captured and sent first to Point Lookout prison and later Elmira prison in New York. Paroled in early 1865, Private Duncan was in various hospitals in Richmond and had received a furlough from the Chimborozzo Hospital. Thus he missed being with the regiment at Appomattox.

Private Epp Gibbons, Company I, served early in the war, but died of pneumonia on the retreat back from Mill Springs. He was just 18 years old.

CSA flag Private Reece V. Moss served in Company G. In the photo shown below, he's the gentleman in the center wearing the medal. This appears to be a gathering of "old soldiers and members of the United Confederate Veterans.





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