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Lt. Colonel Washington P. Shooter, the regimental Commander, was killed in action on May 12, 1864 at Spotsylvania.

First Lieutenant Evander C. Shooter, Company E, was killed in action on May 12, 1864 at Spotsylvania.

Fifth Sergeant C. F. Shooter, Company E, was killed in action on May 5, 1864 at the Wilderness.

Private William Nelson Shooter, Company E, was the only Shooter brother to survive the war. He surrendered at Appomattox.

Private Robert C. Anderson, Company F (the Horry Rebels), served under Captain Thomas Pinckney Alston. He was reported to have died of typhoid fever in a Danville, Virginia Army Hospital after the Seven Days Battle.

Private Peter McGovern, Company E, was killed at Fort Moltrie on 8 September 1863.

Private John Mayfield, Company F, enlisted in Wade Hampton's Legion on January 2, 1862 at Nashville, Tennessee and was later consolidated into Butler's 1st South Carolina Infantry. He went missing in action between February 28, 1862 and April 30, 1862, apparently during the Peninsula Campaign.

Private Anderson W. Charles, Company I, enlisted at Union, South Carolina on December 30, 1863 and was on a muster roll at December 31, 1864. Private Frank E. Charles enlisted and served at the same time in the same company, so is assumed to be a brother or other close relative of Anderson.

Private John Griffin Thomas, Company B, enlisted at Newberry Court Houseat the age of 18 during July of 1861. Private Griffin was unmarried when he enlisted and single when he died. He qualified as a "sharpshooter" and served with "Lee's Sharpshooters". On or about June 23, 1864, he was "killed with the sharpshooters", according to Civil War records. Actually, he was mortally wounded on or about June 23 and later died on July 3, 1864 at the Petersburg General Hospital. The ANNALS OF NEWBERRY print a muster roll in which Griffin Thomas was described as "Sharpshooter, Good Soldier".

Private John Washington Isom, Company F (the Horry Rebels). was captured at the "Mule Shoe" at Spotsylvania Courthouse and died a POW at Fort Delaware. He is buried in a mass grave on the Jersey Shore.




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