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Sergeant John F. Cook and his brother Private William Cook served in Company D. Both were from Stewart County, Tennessee. John F. Cook later left the 14th Tennessee Infantry and became a trooper in Starnes' 4th Tennessee Cavalry. William Cook died at Greenbrier Bridge, Virginia in 1862.

Sergeant James Randolph, Company C, was born about 1838 in Robertson County to Bayless Randolph and Lydia Ann Yates, one of eleven children born within that marriage. He died November 2, 1862 at Warm Springs, Virginia and is buried in Randolph Cemetery, Robertson County, Tennessee. He probably died of typhoid fever.

Sergeant John F. Cook and Private William Cook were brothers from Dover, Stewart County, Tennessee who served in Company D.

Pleasant A. Span was born in Allen County, Kentucky in 1832. He moved across the state line into Dickson County, Tennessee and joined Company B of the 14th Tennessee Infantry Regiment at Camp Duncan in 1861. Private Span was shot through the right hip at the battle of Cedar Run in 1862. His pension request was accepted by the state in 1905.

Lieutenant Benjamin E. Outlaw, Company E, was only 26 when he was killed and never got the opportunity to marry. He was killed at Petersburg on September 30, 1864 and buried in a mass grave on Peebles Farm.

Sergeant Hubbard Asbury Causey, Company D, a resident of Stewart County, was wounded at Gettysburg during Pickett's Charge. He was captured near Hatcher's Run on April 2, 1865 and sent to Fort Delaware as a prisoner of war.

Three brothers, Richard, Henry and Daniel Jackson all served in Company H and were in most of the battles in which the Army of Northern Virginia fought. They were wounded several times and two were taken as prisoners more than once. These brothers did, however, all come back alive. They were from a family of nine children, seven of whom were boys, who lived in the Clarksville area. Ironically, the brother who left the area, John W. Jackson, and moved to Missouri, died before the war was over in the Fall of 1864 and was probably killed by bushwhackers in the Boone County area of Missouri.

Private Thomas G. Dunbar, Company B, was wounded and captured at Gettysburg while his regiment was serving in Archer’s Brigade. He was released, returned to his regiment and re-captured at Hatcher’s Run in April of 1865. Private Dunbar was paroled in June of 1865. He was an ambulance driver.

Lieutenant Robert S. Shannon served in Company I from formation of the regiment to the Second Battle of Manassas, where he was mortally wounded.

Sergeant George Boyd Moody, Company H, was captured April 2, 1865 at Petersburg and was sent to Fort Delaware where he was paroled May 25, 1865.

Private Henry W. Cox of Sullivan County, Tennessee served in Company I. Henry joined and served with the 60th Tennessee Infantry, Company G, was wounded and captured at Vicksburg, and thereafter sent to Richmond. Henry was released and reassigned to Company I, 14th Tennessee infantry on October 8, 1863 per Special Order #306, Paragraph 8. Department of Northern Virginia.



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