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Private George Edward Ballew, Company K, was captured at Petersburg, Virginia and sent to Hart's Island. This small island is located just outside New York City on the western end of Long Island Sound and was a prisoner of war camp for four months in 1865. He wrote a letter in 1916 just before his death providng a statement regarding the commands to which he and his regiment were assigned. See Soldier's Letters page.

Private Wilson Decatur Cantrell, Company E (Lester Volunteers, Forsyth County), enlisted on March 1, 1862. He was captured at Turkey Bend, Virginia on June 23, 1864 . Roll for February 28, 1865, the last on file, shows him on furlough, returned a paroled prisoner, from EImira, New York. He was born in Forsyth County, Georgia on October 3,1840 and died on May 12, 1917.

Private William Elijay Gilmer, Company G (Jasper Volunteers) enlisted in June of 1861 at Milledgeville, Georgia as a drummer boy and became a rifleman at the Battle of Mechanicsville, Virginia during the Seven Days. William deserted at Petersburg, Virginia in April of 1865 when he received word that his mother died in January. He moved to Upshur County, Texas in 1870, married, and moved to Lampasas County, Texas to work on a ranch owned by Solon Volney Mace and John Calhoun Pinckney Higgins. Both ranchers were from the Macon, Georgia area. William was born on August 14, 1848, died January 11, 1914, and was buried in the School Creek Cemetery on the Mace Ranch. His father was Daniel H. Gilmer (b. 1816, d. 1885), a farmer in Jasper County, Georgia. His mother was Ellen Dotson, (Black Irish) Eastern Cherokee, born into the Ani-Gatucewa Clan (Kituway People) in 1816. She became a citizen of the State of Georgia in 1830 and died in January of 1865.

1st Lieutenant Josiah Blair Patterson , Company E, was born July 19, 1815 in Abbeville, South Carolina, moved to Cumming, Georgia circa 1838, enlisted with the 14th Georgia at its formation on July 4, 1861 in Cumming, Forsyth County, Georgia. He began the war as a 2nd Lieutenant and was promoted to 1st Lieutenant on November 8, 1862 (see attached photo taken on the occasion of his promotion). He was killed in action by canister shot at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House on May 12, 1864. As he was being borne from the field on a litter, he and his litter bearers were hit again by canister shot and all three men were killed. Josiah wrote many Civil War “letters home” while serving with 14th Georgia in A.P. Hill’s Light Division of the Army of Northern Virginia.


Brothers Henry B. Light, George W. Light, and Obediah T. Light, and their cousin, Franklin Sanders Light, joined Company E (Lester's Volunteers), of the 14th Georgia Infantry. They were all grandsons of Obediah Light of Flowers, Georgia.

Lieutenant Swain Montgomery Fortner, Company F ( Johnson Greys), was born 29 December 1820, enlisted in July 1861, and died 13 March 1881. His CSR indicates that he was captured at Petersburg and was a POW at Point Lookout, where he was paroled at the end of the war. Swain was an important political figure and served as a Georgia State Senator; some reports indicate that he may have been important in the creation of Johnson County. He is buried at the Fortner Family Cemetery, Kite, Johnson County, Georgia.

Privates James D. Posey, Littleton Barry Posey, William W. Posey, William Lane, James C. Lunsford, and John W. Rouse were all related and served together in Company G (Yancy Independents) from Worth County, Georgia.

Private Valentine Eli Potts, Company G (the Yancey Independents) from Worth County, Georgia, enlisted in the Confederate States Army at Isabella, Georgia in 1862. Valentine somehow made it through the war and was at Appomattox Court House on the day of Confederate surrender.

Sergeant William Jackson Hall (1839-1928), Company H, was from Laurens County, Georgia. William enlisted on July 9, 1861. He was wounded on December 13, 1862, appointed 2nd Corporal in 1864, and was eventually appointed sergeant. Sergeant Hall was captured on March 25, 1865 near Petersburg, Virginia, taken to Point Lookout Prison, Maryland and released on June 28, 1865. William had fought in 22 battles.

1st Lieutenant Washington J. Solomon, Company B (Ramah Guards), was wounded in the head at the Battle of Fredericksburg on 13 December 1862 and died 18 December 1862 at Chimboazo Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

Private William Greenbery "Green" Faulk, Company H (Blackshear Guards), served through almost the entire war from his enlistment on July 9th, 1861 to his capture at Petersburg, Virginia on April 2nd, 1865. His release date at Point Lookout, Maryland was on July 27th, 1865, well after the surrender on April 9th, 1865.

Private Elkinia FaulkCompany H (Blackshear Guards), enlisted the same day his brother "Green" Faulk did, on July 9th, 1861, so he was able to serve for almost a year before his untimely death on June 26, 1862 at the Battle of Mechanicsville in Virginia.

Private James Thomas Faulk, Company H (Blackshear Guards), enlisted on May 15th, 1862, caught a musket ball at Chickahominy River, Virginia, clean through his left hand on June 27th, 1862, a day after brother Elkinia Faulk's death on June 26th, 1862. The field surgeons had no option but to amputate up to his left elbow, so he bowed out early in the war going home to Georgia upon discharge on July 17th, 1862.

Private Lott M. Daniel, Company H (Blackshear Guards,) was captured at Winchester, Virginia and incarcerated at Elmira, New York and then died at Point Lookout, Maryland.

Private Joel G. Mason served in Company F with three of his brothers, 2nd Corporal George R. Mason, Private John M. Mason and Private Henry C. Mason. John M. Mason died June 26, 1862 at Mechanicsville, Virginia. Joel and Henry surrendered with the regiment at Appomattox on April 9, 1865.

Captain Rufus W. McMichael, Company I (Jeff Davis Rifles), was killed at 2nd Manassas at the ripe old age of 23 years.

Private James M. Chambers, Company H, was born on January 22nd, 1843 at Sandersville, Washington county in the state of Georgia. He first entered the service as private in December of 1861 at Harkinsville, Georgia and continued until surrender. He was in prison at the end of war, was not paroled and released at Rock Island, Illinios.



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