14th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Descendants Association


Letter written on September 7, 1916


Pvt. George E. Ballew, Co. K


A statement of the command I belong tow in time of the lamented strugel between the South and the north.  i vollenteared. joned the 14 th ga in .61. first of the wore thay sent us to Virginia.  My regt bregade to Gen. Thomises bregad.  Gen wilcoxes devishan A P hills Corpse Stonewall Jackson old Corpse the armie of north west Virginia Gen R. E. Lees armie I went throu all


The war never got but one furlow it was for 24 re recrutes Got 30 dayes on each recrute mad 60 dayes Got to stay 90 day on that furlow with the armay all the rest of the time in the last battle that was faught i Got captured at petersburge Va Sent me to hartos island was thar when Gen lee Lee Surrendered


Had to take the nasty oath of A legente I never was sicklay with company all the time up to the last battle at petersburge Va i  have a simpathetick hurt in me for all tru brave Soldears that was in that wore  God bles them all and may we so live that we can be brave Solders for God so that we all may met in heven be tru to God live onist be onist to our fellow man i am glad to met the old Solders


I belongd to the camp at Haskell texas old man haley was our last captin he lives in Haskell now still captin we youst to blong to Lees camp till we fell behind with our dues so   (?)    made up our dues for to have our camp restored but the captin tuck Sick and dide His   (?) was feeles.  So we never Got the camp restored it was  (carelessness ?) of the Solders (page torn off)  the way papa and moma youst to leack letters to me during the wore


Mr. G. E. Ballew


Mr. G. E. Ballew of

CO K 14 Ga Regt

Gen thomasas Brgad

Gen., Wilcoxes dev

a p hills  corpse

Gen. R. E. Lees

armie of north

west Virginia



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