122nd Regiment of New York Infantry

Descendants Roll Call


Nancy Porter

family of

Sgt. Horace Russell, Co. D


Frederick J. Rose

family of

Lt. George H. Gilbert, Co. B

Gordon W. Maycumber

great great great grandson of

Musician Alfred Soule, Co. B


Gail Kucharski

great great great granddaughter of

Pvt. Uriah Trapp, Co. A


Kasey Miller

great great granddaughter of

Cpl. Henry Frank Babcock, Co. I

Kim M. Musgrove

great great granddaughter of

Pvt. Lovell G. Mickles, Co. K


Charles Wait

great great grandnephew of

Musician George Addison Wait, Co. K


David Burnham

great great grandson of

Pvt. William Thompson, Co. H





The Remembrance Wall

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