102nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Descendants Roll Call


Lee A. Taylor

family of

Pvt. Earl Douglas Bates, Co. I


Barry L. Siegle

great great grandson of

Pvt. William H. Hickenbothen, Co. I

William Avery Phillis III

great great grandson of

Col. John Williams Patterson


J.W.M. Schorer

great great grandson of

1st Lt. Robert Wilson Stewart Lyon


Vesta L. Young DeRiso

great granddaughter of

Pvt. Watson Johnston Young, Co. H

Judy Moser

great granddaughter of

Pvt. Cornelius Hartung, Co. G


John Weatherly

descendant of

2nd Lt. William McConway, Co. M


Edward Kennedy

great great grandson of

Cpl. William Kerr, Co. D


Deborah Brosché

descendant of

Sgt. James Madison Bryant, Co. B



BM2 (RET) Douglas M. Whiting, USCG

great grandson of

Pvt. James H. Parsons, Co. M


Patrick Surrena

descendant of

Pvt. Henry M. Serena, Co. C

James L. White

great great grandson of

Pvt. Cyrus B. White, Co. M


Tad Long

great grandson of

Sgt. William H. Haslett, Co. D


Laura Witkowski

great great great granddaughter of

Pvt. John Bismark Shimel, Co. L

Marshall Rogers Barbour

great great great grandson of

QM Sgt. Hamilton J. Rogers, Co. K


Ann Dunmire Heinz

descendant of

Pvt. Samuel Dunmire, Co. L


Angus M. Gunn

descendant of

Capt. John Large, Co. C

John Wilson

great grandson of

Pvt. Robert Oscar Wilson, Co. A


Charlie Snyder

2nd great nephew of

Pvt. George Snyder, Co. M




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