APRIL 2, 1865

Army of Northern Virginia

Third Army Corps



MacRae's Brigade

11th North Carolina

26th North Carolina

44th North Carolina

47th North Carolina

52nd North Carolina

McComb's Brigade

2nd Maryland

1st Tennessee

7th Tennessee

14th Tennessee

17th Tennessee

23rd Tennessee

25th Tennessee

44th Tennessee

63rd Tennessee

Thomas's Brigade

14th Georgia

35th Georgia

45th Georgia

49th Georgia

Lane's Brigade

18th North Carolina

28th North Carolina

33rd North Carolina

37th North Carolina

McGowan's Brigade

1st South Carolina

12th South Carolina

13th South Carolina

14th South Carolina

Orr's Rifles



Pegram's Battalion

Crenshaw Battery

Fredericksburg Battery

Letcher Battery

Purcell Battery

Gregg's Battery

McIntosh's Battalion

Danville Battery

Hardaway's Battery

2nd Rockbridge Battery

Poague's Battalion

Albemarle Artillery

Charlotte Artillery

Madison (MS) Lt Artillery

Warrington Battery

Pittsylvania Battery

Richardson's Battalion

Norfolk Blues Battery

Donaldsonville Battery

Norfolk Battery

Owen's Battalion

Otey Battery

Ringgold Battery

Davidson Battery


Other Regiments That

Served During The

Petersburg Campaign

Noteworthy Regiments

The Petersburg Campaign, the longest of the war, came to a violent end when a pre-dawn assault by the Federal Sixth Corps breeched the Confederate lines on April 2, 1865.

Rebel brigades, stretched thin, fought with bravery and tenacity, but were overwhelmed by Union forces attacking their fortifications.

The Sixth Corps attack doomed Petersburg, Richmond and the Confederacy as General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia was forced to surrender at Appomattox Court House one week later.

The gallantry of soldiers on both sides during the fierce fighting in the Breakthrough and its immediate aftermath was equal to that exhibited in any other major battle of the War Between The States.

This website is dedicated to the memory of those soldiers, patriots all, and their splendid deeds of valor.

The listed Union and Confederate regimental websites contain historical data and a Descendants Roll Call.

Descendants and family members may be listed on the roll and thereby honor the memory of soldiers who served in those regiments during the war.

The Sixth Corps Breakthrough and Post-Breakthrough battles occurred at locations that are mostly incorporated within Pamplin Historical Park where visitors walk along trails to view the remains of original fortifications, recreated battlefield fortifications showing what they looked like at the time, reenactor encampments and other interesting exhibits. The Breakthrough Battlefield was recently declared a National Historic Landmark, the nation's highest recognition of historical significance.

Another recommended means to honor the memory of a Civil War soldier is to have a plaque placed on the Remembrance Wall at the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier in Pamplin Historical Park.


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Army of the Potomac

Sixth Army Corps



1st Brigade

3rd New Jersey

10th New Jersey

15th New Jersey

40th New Jersey

2nd Brigade

2nd Connecticut H.A.

65th New York

121st New York

95th Pennsylvania

3rd Brigade

37th Massachusetts

49th Pennsylvania

82nd Pennsylvania

119th Pennsylvania

2nd Rhode Island

5th Wisconsin



1st Brigade

62nd New York

93rd Pennsylvania

98th Pennsylvania

102nd Pennsylvania

139th Pennsylvania

2nd Brigade

2nd Vermont

3rd Vermont

4th Vermont

5th Vermont

6th Vermont

1st Vermont H.A.

3rd Brigade

1st Maine (Vet)

43rd New York

49th New York

77th New York

122nd New York

61st Pennsylvania



1st Brigade

14th New Jersey

106th New York

151st New York

87th Pennsylvania

10th Vermont

2nd Brigade

6th Maryland

9th New York H.A.

110th Ohio

122nd Ohio

126th Ohio

67th Pennsylvania

138th Pennsylvania



Battery G, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Battery H, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Third New York Independent Battery


Other Regiments That

Served During The

Petersburg Campaign

Noteworthy Regiments




Pamplin Historical Park


Petersburg, Virginia



Remembrance Wall

National Museum

of the Civil War Soldier


Beyond The Crater

The Civil War Petersburg

Campaign Online


The American Civil War



The Seige of Petersburg


Crater Road



National Park Service



Civil War Interpretive Center

at Historic Blenheim

National Archives

Ordering Service & Pension Records

National Archives




The Remembrance Wall

At The National Museum Of The Civil War Soldier

Another Great Way To Honor The Memory Of Your American Soldier

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This from George

The Civil War Letters of

Sgt. George M. Englis, 89th New York



Two Brothers: One North, One South

An historical novel of the 6th Maryland

Infantry and the 2nd Maryland Battalion



The Final Battles of the Petersburg


by A. Wilson Greene



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